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Parent Engagement and Workshops

As part of our Parent Engagement Policy (PEP) and plan, Cabrillo Academy values, welcomes, and encourages parent involvement within our school and all elements of your child’s education. We have created a series of parent advisory meetings, informational workshops and collaborative parent pods to support you and connect you with the parent community. Our goal is to keep you informed about the happenings at our school, offer you tools to support your child, and connect you with the Cabrillo parent community to collaborate with one another. We invite you to review this calendar of events and join us for any workshops that are relevant and interesting to you!

Below is a description of the purpose and structure of each of the parent engagement opportunities.

Parent Workshops: Designed to provide information, resources and support to our parents with some facet of their child’s education

Advisory and Informational Meetings: Advisory and informational meetings offer parents a chance to learn more about our school and provide an opportunity to give feedback.
Parent Pods and Collaboration: Parent Pods are designed to offer opportunities for collaboration with other parents, as well as support from CPA staff on relevant topics.
Parent Corner: At each park day we will provide you with some ideas and inspiration that you may want to incorporate into your homeschooling plan! It is a preview of possibilities!
CPA has scheduled a multitude of workshops, training, parent pods, and parent engagement opportunities throughout the year. We are hoping that there is something for everyone. The information, dates, and Zoom links/locations are shared via Cabrillo's Monthly and Weekly Newsletter as well as in Parent Square. All events are also posted on our events Calendar on the CPA website and on the Parent Website .

Please contact Jennifer Carrete, Director of School Support, with any questions you may have.

Click the link to be directed to the school's Parent and Family Engagement Policy, Cabrillo Point Academy Family Engagement Meeting Calendar & Multilingual Learners Advisory Committee (MLAC) Resource Page